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There are many things to consider when planning your big day – no matter what. Where your wedding date falls on the calendar. Indian Wedding is all about the culture and family get together.

Planning a wedding in India is not simple. Every wedding is different as per their culture, and it also needs different planning to make this day a special one for the couples. In India, marriage planning starts before 2 or 3 months.

October to February is the wedding season, especially in India, when cold weather and festive days are considered auspicious.

But Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, couples in many cities invite-only 50 family members and friends. In Indian weddings, where the number of guests can be between 500 to 2000, this is a big decrease. Destination weddings, which had been growing in popularity before the pandemic, have been “totally washed out.


How to Plan a Wedding during Coronavirus Pandemic

If you are planning a marriage, there are several points you must consider, to begin with, which will help out the process. Work out a budget plan and the size of the wedding.

Consult with your partner and family about the number of guests from each side. With restrictions on the number of visitors who can go to a wedding, it is wise to set practical assumptions.

Consider holding more modest functions with close loved ones living in a similar city, while others can stream the event online. This won’t just assistance diminish your list. If people to attend, yet additionally, accommodate a more secure climate for everybody.

To keep the timelines on track because several items are hard to find and access. One necessity to keep enough and more support time to ensure that resources such as flowers, clothes, and other essentials reach on time because deliveries can be irregular.

There is a shortage of labor and assets, and price points have changed for wedding fundamentals like flowers. Also, one must guarantee that sanitization rules at the venue are adequate to have your guests secure.


Do’s and Dont’s of wedding planning during COVID-19


  • Contactless greeting etiquettes such as a namaste, pranam Etc.
  • Try and keep the marriage as local to the Local as possible.
  • Try and hold the guest list to a minimum. Try smaller numbers guest list, to avoid being exposed to crowds.
  • An ideal venue at this time would be maybe a private resort. And has only your guests staying there or anything that doesn’t have too many people nearby.
  • Sanitize the property and the venues before functions.
  • look for the big place where you can maintain social distancing guidelines
  • Offer a virtual component by live-streaming ceremonies to include guests who are unable to attend due to safety reasons.
  • Prefer seated plated dinners as this will prevent groups of people from being near food at a buffet or self-service food stations
  • Get approval from near police station as per government rules.


  • Don’t be ignorant. Keep a tab on all new information from relevant authorities, including the CDC World Health Organization, and Local Governments.
  • Do not share items like makeup brushes.
  • Do not ignore basic symptoms and medical aid if any guest shows symptoms of being infected.
  • Don’t leave any work at the last minute.

What to Expect With Health and Safety Measures

Consider those minutes when guests swap between rooms, pull up seats, take off glasses, and conceivably shake hands. The answer for this is basic: get available sanitizers and wipes all over and even examination about it. Discuss your vendors about their protocols and what they are ingesting to keep their staff and your guests safe.

Organizers are now reviewing decisions on how to easily give gloves and masks to guests, factors that may be influenced by locations in addition to the ceremony and reception plan. Masks are helped to stop the spread of the novel corona virus, along with regular hand-washing and cleaning of surfaces.

One of the most affected areas will be the distribution of catering and menu options. For chefs, couples, guests, and servers, a new set of rules and etiquette will be served with a post-COVID wedding. While great food and li fats for couples will still become top-notch f-minds, the way dishes and drinks are prepared and served will ensure great safety precautions.

Consider this: Every few years, a new dinner party concept appears to improve the current style of dining management. Caterers will probably stay away from the buffet and family-style options for something fresh. For safety reasons, it serves preserved dishes or stuffed meals.

Budget friendly venue for wedding During covid

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Need to Postpone (or Cancel) Your Wedding?

Any change in plans is likely to come with a variety of costs, including loss of pre-paid fees and final payments, to help you understand the financial burden of postponing or canceling a non-marriage depending on when the marriage takes place. Consider taking the following steps.

The first thing you should do is re-read all the agreements you have with vendors. What is the vendor’s cancellation policy? And see if they have missed something that allows you to receive the money you paid outside of what’s refundable?

In the case of Corona virus or Covid-19, the organizers indicate that you have officially decided to change your date as soon as guests are notified by Email or phone or message your guest that your postponement or cancellation of marriage.

Once you’ve spoken with your planner and venue about rescheduled dates and understand your vendor contracts and postponement clauses reach out to the vendors you’ve hired about rebooking.

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