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Corporate Resort Near Pune

Rutugandh Lakeside Leisure Resort: The Perfect Corporate Getaway

Are you planning a corporate retreat for your team? Looking for a serene and picturesque location that’s close to Pune? Look no further than Rutugandh Lakeside Leisure Resort.

Located just a short drive from Pune, our resort is the ideal destination for corporate outings and team-building activities. Our resort boasts a stunning location overlooking a serene lake and surrounded by lush greenery, providing the perfect environment to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Our resort offers a range of activities to keep your team engaged and entertained, including boating, swimming, and nature walks. We also have a range of indoor games and activities, such as pool, table tennis, and carom, as well as a fully equipped conference room for meetings and team-building activities.

Our team of experienced chefs serves up a delectable range of cuisines, including local Maharashtrian delicacies and international dishes, ensuring that your team is well-fed and satisfied during their stay.

So, whether you’re planning a corporate retreat, team-building exercise, or just a weekend getaway with colleagues, Rutugandh Lakeside Leisure Resort is the perfect destination. Contact us today to book your stay and experience the perfect balance of work and play